Wednesday, 10 May 2017

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Recruitment of Programmer in The Commissioner of Transport, Assam

The Commissioner of Transport, Assam Invites eligible and interested candidates to apply for the following positions for a period of one year. The candidates must send their resumes on the following email ID on or before 5 pm ol 13.05.2017. No application shall be received in hard copy or through other means except through email. Application received alter the above date and time shall not be considered. The date of interview will be intimated to the shoal:steel candidates through email only.


Candidate should note that :

  1. The candidates are required to mention details of their educational qualification & experience in their Resume.

  2. Application without contact detail and or received after the deadline shall be rejected .

  3. The recruitment committee reserves the right to cancel the entire process of selection without assigning any reasons thereof.
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